What is the active ingredient of your products?

We utilize tri-molecular oxygen and a proprietary blend of an atomized solution that is harmless and leaves no residue once the unit has run its complete cycle.

What is the warranty of Sarus Systems products?

All of our products have a one-year warranty.

Can I call to make a warranty claim?

Email is the quickest way to get help with your issue. If you need to make a warranty claim; please send a copy of your purchase receipt and your contact and shipping information to support@sarus-systems.com. Providing these items will make the warranty claim process much quicker.

Do your systems work in cold temperatures?

Our tri-molecular atomizer performs very well in cold temperatures, but due to the liquid component of the sanitizer, we suggest that you do not run it in temperatures below 50° Fahrenheit.

Do your systems work in hot temperatures?

We do not suggest running it in temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

What types of products can I put in your tote and cabinet?

Our systems are great for clothing, bags/backpacks, shoes, electronics, groceries, mail/packages, tools, keys, sports equipment, etc.

Can the tri-molecular atomizer from the tote and cabinet be used as a stand-alone air treatment unit?

No, The tri-molecular atomizer was not designed to be used in that manner.

Is the tote and cabinet waterproof?

No – The tote and cabinet are water-resistant. We do not recommend exposing them to rain or submerging them in water as they are not designed to be completely waterproof.

Can you be present in the area where the tote and cabinet are in use?

Yes – Since the tote and cabinet are both airtight, you may be present when the tote and cabinet are in use.

How often should I run the room sanitizer?

We suggest that the room sanitizer should be used daily. In high-traffic and high-contact areas, the unit should be used multiple times per day.

Can you be in the room when the room sanitizer is running?

For use in an unoccupied room.

Is the room sanitizer motion activated?

The sanitizer is motion activated and will disable operation if there is activity in the area. You will need to restart the cycle once interrupted.